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What Are the Permanent Harmful Effects of Drugs?




Drug abuse can have a devastating effect on your mind, relationships, and behavior. The permanent impact of drugs can slowly destroy important organs of the body. Prolonged use of drugs can even lead to permanent disability and even death. It is quite hard to undo the damage that the drug does to your body.

To save yourself from drug addiction, it is very important to look at the constant damaging impact of the drug on people.

What factors influence the physical effects of drugs on the body?

The impact on the drug on the body depends on the two main factors that include:

  • The duration for which you are consuming cocaine
  • Frequency of intake of cocaine
  • The type of cocaine consumed
  • The form in which cocaine is consumed (injecting in the veins, smoking, etc.) This is an important consideration as different means of consuming cocaine impacts in a different way
  • The average amount of cocaine you take per dose
  • Individual psychology, physiology, and biology of a person. It includes present mental health status, age, family history, diet, gender, and the presence of a few other drugs, etc.

How does Cocaine adversely impact your body’s metabolism?

Cocaine consumption leads to a decrease in muscle mass, and bone density that can, in turn, leads to osteoporosis. This drug can suppress hunger to the extent that it can cause eating disorders. The use of cocaine modifies the metabolism of the body.

It can bring about a profound alteration in the metabolic system of the body. Irrespective of diet, cocaine can cause long-lasting damage to the consumption of liquid, and food that results in permanent modifications to the bodyweight of the person. If you buy Marijuana online regularly, it can be harmful to you. 

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What is the impact of Cocaine on the respiratory system of the body?

Misuse of cocaine can lead to persistent cough in people and can lead to widespread damage to the respiratory system. It can result in breathing troubles that can lead to the inadequate blood supply to the heart muscles. Continued access to cocaine via smoking and snorting can lead to infections and damage to tissues of the sinuses and nasal linings.

Users can experience pain in the chest, fatigue, lung damage, and pulmonary hemorrhage, severe cough, and various other conditions that include obliterative bronchiolitis, pulmonary barotrauma, asthma, drug-induced pulmonary infection, foreign body granulomas. People who are using cocaine for a long time are seen to get easily fatigued. They experience troubled breathing and chest pains.

Cocaine abuse does a lot of damage to the cardiovascular, and heart systems in the longer-term. Cocaine users were seen to have an “abnormal” blood circulation into the heart’s vessels. This can lead to acute cardiac ailments and even death. Cocaine can raise blood pressure levels, shortness of breath, and make the blood vessels weaker.


Several dangerous drugs can cause addiction in people. It can hamper the mental and physical functioning of the body. It is important to take appropriate measures soon to deal with the addiction at the earliest.

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