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Tips for Planning the Perfect Spring Wedding




Spring can be a great time for weddings. With the romance of nature and new beginnings, it can be one of the best to say “I do”.


One of the first elements you need to be thinking about is the natural one. Spring can be unpredictable when it comes to weather and a location that boasted warm days and sunny rays can have cold and rainy outlooks in just a matter of hours. So work with your venue and make sure they have a rain or weather contingency plan. This way, if the elements decide to be uncooperative you can still have a great event.

Spring showers bring the flowers, but they can also bring flat hair and wet clothes, so keep some umbrellas handy and ponchos nearby as the wedding party or guests travel between destinations. If you plan to take pictures outside and it is chilly, you can find coordinating shawls or bolero jackets for the bridesmaids. Pairing light pastels or lace with floral printed bridesmaid dresses by Jenny Yoo makes the perfect pairing for a spring party.


A very important detail to get right when it comes to a spring wedding is the date. There are several holidays in the early months of the year like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter. So plan ahead and plan accordingly.

Embrace the charm and elegance of spring in the details. Floral themed invitations, a stone path, an outdoor gazebo trimmed with delicate blooms, a tea party themed reception, etc, there are so many ways you can celebrate the best of the season and make your big day even more memorable.


When it comes to the design scheme and color palette, work to the strengths of spring. This means pastels, floral prints, and light-colored hues. Baby blues, soft creams, white, pastel pinks, light yellows, and olive greens are all great choices. Lilacs and lighter shades of purple are excellent as well. Take a cue from the colors that are currently being highlighted in nature, and use them for inspiration.

Fresh flowers and wildflowers make charming bouquets and centerpieces. It may be a good idea to limit fresh flowers if you are going to be indoors due to many people’s seasonal allergies. But if you are out in the open, the fresher the flowers the better. You can carry the floral theme by incorporating it into your jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses, bridal gown, groomsmen boutonnieres, and more. If you want to mix up your prints then gingham, seersucker, and basketweave are some other great choices for a spring wedding.



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