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Life Coach Near Me
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Life Coach Near Me is the leading life coach and NLP practitioner directory for clients looking to improve their lives. We offer the UK’s most comprehensive resource for self-development and life coaching. Our life coaches can help with a range of areas.

Our life coaches and NLP practitioners at ‘Life Coach Near Me’ can help with business coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, and mentoring whilst they can also support clients with their family, parenting, and deliver youth coaching. Other coaches focus more on finance or health coaching. Health coaching includes support with ADHD, depression, dyslexia, and stress management.

Our life coaches are most commonly employed to help people with their own personal development. Life coaches can help with confidence, energy, leadership, self-esteem, and motivation. Over Covid-19, we have seen an upsurge in life coaching for redundancy issues. Due to the pressure that lockdown has had on people across the world, they have also been helping clients with relationship management, spirituality, volunteering, and work-life balance. You can find out more, and find a life coach near you here: Life Coach Near Me

The life coach directory covers all areas of the UK and further afield covering Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and London. Duncan also performs as a magician Coventry as well as life coaching and his magic amazes people as much as his life coaching. It has been established for many years and serves a number of professional life coaches. These life coaches have a range of experience and specialty and in these present times of uncertainty as the world is gripped by Covid -19 – the demand for life coaches is as high as ever.

So what does a typical life coaching session look like?

Most life coaching sessions start with a brief introductory call where the life coach spends time to understand the needs of the client. This could last from as little as 30 minutes to a more comprehensive 1-hour call. In this call, it is likely that goals and targets would be set for the client with a follow-up date as well. The follow-up call would be slightly longer and these calls may last over the period of a month or for a greater chance of success, working with a life coach can last a few months or even for an indefinite time.

How much is a life coaching session?

Most life coaching sessions range between £50 and £150. These represent an excellent return on investment especially if you can achieve breakthroughs that you have not been able to achieve for many years. Life coaches can help with financial worries, investments, and structure and again can represent a real tangible return on investment especially if they can save or earn you money with their specialist knowledge and experience.

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Life Coach Near Me is a directory and resource which allows UK and international life coaches and NLP practitioners advertise their life coaching services in one location. They can access the regularly produced resources to make them better life coaches or gain insights into current trends.

To find out more or to advertise your services or to find a qualified life coach near you, then navigate to for more information.

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