Foods High in Fiber Can Still Taste Good

Foods High in Fiber Can Still Taste Good

Foods High in Fiber Can Still Taste Good

High fiber foods, and plenty of them, are essential to your everyday health. While most Americans consume some fiber, studies show that the average U.S. citizen consumes only a third of the amount supposedly necessary to keep one healthy. The typical American diet offers between ten and thirteen grams of fiber daily, whereas optimal health requires thirty to forty grams daily. Use the following ideas to raise your personal fiber consumption to help you build a healthier body.

Perhaps one of the best ways to implement more fiber into the diet is by simply cutting out the processed and junk foods that most Americans consume on a daily basis. After all, how much fiber would you expect to be in a fake, fast-food burger with fake cheese and super-processed white buns?

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A homemade burger would have more fiber than that. Delivered pizza, ballpark hotdogs, ice cream, frozen chicken nuggets: all of these are just a few examples of the food that really should not be called food, at least when counting fiber grams. Delicious meals can be made quickly and easily that will take only a little more time than picking up Chinese food on the way home and will supply quantities more of fiber.

Preparing foods high in fiber for regular mealtimes doesn’t necessarily mean that they must be exotic and unique dishes. Simply pressure-cooking a bag of black beans to have with whole wheat tortillas and your favorite salsa can be a quick and delicious way to pack in the fiber at the end of the day. Likewise, one of the biggest benefits of hummus and whole wheat pitas (both easy to make at home or purchase from the health store), is the high fiber counts. If you want to know about various recipes, you can follow Google. 

How about substituting white spaghetti pasta with the whole wheat variety? If your kids can’t abide by the wholesome wholegrain flavor, try mixing the two varieties of pasta and gradually replacing more of the white pasta with whole wheat. These meals are deliciously satisfying and will help your children and family adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

Did you know that fruit is also a super-high fiber foods category? That’s right; many of children’s favorite natural sugars are also super sources of fiber. Take raspberries, for example. Only a half cup of these juicy jewels contains almost five grams of fiber. Imagine how much fiber a fruit smoothie could serve up, and most kids love that. Asian pears, apples with skins, raw blackberries — all of these are delicious, sugar-satisfying sources for fiber.

Your digestive health, in a large part, depends on the fiber you feed it. So instead of reaching for that ice cream cone, head to the nearest grocery store and pick out a tasty snack that will satisfy both your mouth and your fiber necessity.


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