Do You Know How to Plan a Wedding?

Wedding Plan

Did you know planning a wedding is right up there with public speaking and moving house with the most stressful life experiences?

Suppose we could tell you one tip that would instantly take your stress away from planning your big day?

Well, here it is – you need to get the right wedding entertainment

Yes, you DID read that correct – getting the right entertainment for your wedding really is that important! Duncan William is an incredible magician in Leeds who also performs as a magician in Manchester too.

Why is hiring entertainment for your wedding so important?

Let me let you into a little secret the best wedding planners know – if you can put the guests at ease, the happy couple are at ease, and all the stress turns into fun.

By hiring tip top entertainment for your wedding, you have the ideal distraction for:-

  • children that are getting a little tired and frustrated
  • adults that are anxious, nervous or perhaps want to be occupied
  • those not involved in, or waiting around for, the wedding photographs
  • the wedding party that are fretting about the guests, the plans, the timings

What does wedding entertainment actually do though?

When people think about ‘wedding entertainment’ they just think it’s a band or a DJ for the evening function – but wedding entertainment these days is so much more.

Wedding entertainment such as magicians are ideal ice breakers, to bring both sides of the family together in creating some light-hearted fun, and especially now with the selfie generation those fun pictures will soon be all across social media showing everyone have a wonderful day!

Simple steps for wedding planners to find the right wedding entertainment

Whilst modern technology and social media have pushed the creative boundaries of weddings, the basics remain the same.

The happy couple want this to be the happiest day of their life, and as the day can be stressful enough, taking a few simple steps in choosing entertainment can often solve any potential issues.

Consider the needs of the happy couple

Find out what the happy couple are looking for – do they like fun, laughs, music, shows? What sort of entertainment would suit them and their guests?

Find a reliable entertainer/s with a trustworthy reputation

Once you know what type of entertainment the happy couple would like, research different entertainers within that industry.

Look for entertainers with exceptional testimonials and great websites with feedback from previous happy customers – or even better, ask around for referrals.

Don’t forget to check social media – especially Youtube where you can see videos of previous shows by entertainers – and consider ‘Googling’ for recommendations or referrals of specific entertainment types.

Work with the entertainment to provide a bespoke service

It’s the lucky couple’s special day, so work with the entertainment to develop requirements for the day, so a truly bespoke service is provided that everyone will remember.

Look to entertain the whole wedding party, throughout the day and evening, and especially create engagement with the younger and older people who maybe have less patience.

A good example of this would be a performer or magician that can entertain at different locations than the main venue – at the wedding breakfast or on the transport – for a truly unique experience!

Agree payment terms and contract

Once you have determined requirements with the entertainment, ensure a quote is provided listing the full services, including price and terms. Ensure everybody is happy with the payment terms, contracted services and price.

Appoint a dedicated liaison between the wedding party and entertainment

This step is often overlooked, but it’s often the single most important key to success on the day. Appoint a liaison from the wedding party that knows the scope of the services to be provided by the entertainment, and who can act as a ‘point of contact on the day.

Once you’ve covered these simple steps, you’re well on the way to having wonderful entertainment that will ensure your special day is memorable, fun and happy.

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If you are interested in finding out more about booking Duncan for your wedding or some more tips and ideas for wedding entertainment, please do not hesitate to get in touch via his website. He can guarantee you will have an amazing wedding whatever the circumstances.


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