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Couple Therapy Helps in Building Strong and Stable Relation




When couples are habituated to drugs or alcohol, the entire family is affected. There is an increase in consumption by both parties as no one is there to stop. Also, couples fight when one of them consumes more. Addiction increases when both can tolerate each other’s living style.

Couples who’re addicted are extremely destructive. Thus, rehabs for couples also have a critical process. Couple therapy or counselling is not only for spouses where both parties are addicted. It can also be a fight for the loved one. While managing addiction, maintaining a relationship is also difficult. Thus, couple therapy helps in building a strong relationship as well as treating addiction.

Survey says maximum divorces are because of physical abuse due to addiction. It is difficult to have a healthy bond with a spouse who’s not only addicted but also abuses because of addiction. Drug or alcohol addicts are often irate and frustrated with life. They will always stay in a shell and will aloof themselves from society. Hence, living with such a person for entire life is difficult.

Addiction or substance use causes harm not only to an individual but to the complete family.

Couples who’re targeted due to addiction often experience:

  • Problems in a sexual relationship
  • Lack of communication
  • Increase in physical violence and verbal abuse
  • Abusing children or minor group
  • Financial losses
  • Misbehaviour conduct like stealing, cheating, lying.

These problems keep increasing with time when addiction increases. When one or both parties seek the help of rehabilitation, then the treated person gets the courage to help others. Even those who want their loved one to come back on track can accompany them to couple rehab and support them with treatment.

Couples drug rehab located in San Diego, California has been helping many pairs to lead a quality life together. They believe that when a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, then healing together as a couple is more effective and builds a strong relationship. At Couples Rehab, single or both partners, suffering from addiction are treated with the finest quality of therapy. For busy people, they provide outpatient treatment and for inpatient, there are 30, 60 or 90 days of treatment programs.

Many couples get offended after they’re suggested to visit a couple of rehabs.

Couple rehab helps in solving even challenging issues:

  • Couple therapy not only treats the patient but also gives support to the non-addicted partner.
  • Couple therapy helps in working on codependent behaviour where the addict isn’t supported.
  • Therapy also helps in solving problems among couples which was unsolved due to lack of communication.
  • Long term therapy helps in stable relationships among couples and other family members.
  • Couple therapy helps in reducing the inconvenience in relationships and thereby reducing the number of divorce rates.

Many people think that sending the addict to rehab solves all problems. However, to their surprise, the fights, arguments, and abuse remain the same even after the addict returns fully treated. This is because the trust and honesty between the couple have faded. To retain back the same stable relation, couple therapy is built.

Couple therapy has shown better improvement than a single treatment. It helps in reducing domestic violence, financial losses, emotional problems, and children’s trauma. It is an effective plan to prevent relapse of abuse and addiction.


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