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Akshay Kumar Drops A Laxmmi Bomb Update On Social Media




Akshay Kumar and Indian-born Canada-based actor announced the release of his film Laxmmi Bomb on social media. Actor has many followers who always stay loyal to his updates. You can also have loyal Instagram followers who stay by your side always. Along with the news, he posted a teaser that shows the photos of his character in the film. “When the outcast becomes outraged. Akshay Kumar in Laxmmi Bomb” – says the beginning of the teaser. 

The film is set for release on November 9th and will be available on Disney+Hotstar. The OTT platform will release 7 big titles one of which is Laxmmi Bomb. Akshay Kumar wrote, “Get ready for a mad ride!” In an interview, Akshay Kumar said he is excited for this platform, (meaning Disney), and while he is sad for theatres but holds everybody’s safety for higher. For the actor, the role of a transgender woman has been the most mentally intense over the three decades that he has been acting.

The film is a horror-comedy and is a remake of the 2011 film Kanchana. Raghava Lawrence directed the film. “This is unlike any character I’ve ever played. I had to be careful to portray this character with utmost honesty, without offending any community,” said Akshay Kumar in a statement. Yet not everyone thinks that Akashy Kumar was the right choice to portray a transgender woman. In fact, some people think he is a privileged person who portrays oppressed minorities to add glow to his stardom.

Akshay Kumar celebrates son Aarav’s 18th birthday with throwback pic

Akashy Kumar shared pictures of his now 18-year-old son Arav. He posted two pictures with his son: one celebrating Holi when Arav was still a child and one from the present time. He says he cannot believe how much his son has grown and that his son is taller and more handsome than Akashy. The first picture shows Akashy holding Arav as they are both painted in the colors of Holi. “Big or small I will carry you in my arms until it’s time for you to carry me.” –wrote Akashy. Twinkle Khanna, an author, and Akashy’s wife also shared the pictures of her son with birthday wishes and a note saying: “All these years you have been as much my teacher as I have been yours.

I learned optimism, kindness, and wonder from you as I taught you maths, a few manners, and how to switch the lights off when you leave the room.” Twinkle also shared a photo of his birthday celebration, where the entire family was present. Akashy, Twinkle, and Arav’s sister Nitara. They all wore a fake mustache and the hashtag said MoustacheMusketeers.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar drinks cow urine daily?

Akashy Kumar recently shared a post stating he drinks cow urine daily. There is a growing number of Indian population who believe that cow urine has many health benefits and can even protect against COVID-19. Kumar is considered to be a devoted supporter of Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Modi’s government recently invested millions of dollars into research on using bovine waste to cure diseases. Even though there is no evidence that bovine waste provides any health benefits, many politicians from the right-wing party of Modi promote cow urine as a cure for COVID-19. Kumar said he was too excited to be on a show with Bear Grylls and drink tea made from elephant dung to be worried. Plus, he takes cow urine daily so it was okay.


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