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7 Effective Benefits of Flaxseeds




Flaxseed, an almighty cereal, has the necessary nutrients for humans. The benefits of flaxseed are very interesting and its properties are beneficial to our health. This seed is rich in fiber and essential fatty acids. The flaxseed is used for medicine, cosmetics industry, and gastronomy.

Flaxseed Composition

Flaxseed is composed of:

  • UNSATURATED fatty acids: Omega 9 (Oleic Acid), Omega 6 (Linoleic) and Omega 3 (α-linolenic)
  • Carbohydrates:3g.
  • Proteins:5 to 23.7 g per 100 g.
  • Fiber:8-27.9 g per 100 g.
  • Calcium:199 mg per 100g.
  • Magnesium:362 mg per 100g.
  • Mucilage

Flaxseed Properties:

To take advantage of all the properties of flaxseed, you should consume it on an empty stomach when you wake up.


Light laxative: When we drink flaxseed water and consume a spoonful of seeds, it becomes a jelly which stimulates the intestinal movement and acts as a soft and natural laxative.

This property also makes flaxseed into:

Digestive: Flaxseed promotes digestion, reduces and reverses damage to the intestinal tract.

Anticancer: Flaxseed contains a substance to inhibit the chemicals that cause cancerous tumors. This substance is called lignin and also blocks estrogen receptors. It prevents colon, prostate, breast and lung cancer. Experts continue to carry out studies to determine what other types of cancer prevents flaxseed. You should note this small seed contains 27 anti-cancer components.

Anticoagulant: Flaxseed stimulates blood movement through the circulatory system and helps lower high blood pressure.

It controls adult diabetes: It reduces the insulin requirements in our body by controlling blood sugar levels.

Diuretic: The consumption of this seed makes kidney function more efficiently.

7 Effective Benefits of Flaxseeds:

Benefits to lose weight

It allows us to lose weight faster because it eliminates LDL cholesterol and fat deposits in our body. Flaxseed is satiating. So, if you consume 1-2 tablespoons before meals you would decrease your appetite.

Prevents osteoporosis

Flaxseed improves calcium absorption and metabolism.

Regenerates intestinal flora

If you take treatment with antibiotics or medications which destroy the intestinal flora, consuming flaxseed will restore the beneficial bacteria in your intestine.

Benefits for the colon

After using laxatives for a long time, our colon suffers almost irreversible damage and consuming flaxseed reverses that damage.

Linolenic acid and the antioxidants present in flaxseed contribute to the treatment of diseases such as arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, nephritis, gastritis, colitis, otitis, lupus, and prostatitis.

If you feel lacking in energy or are recovering from an illness, the consumption of flaxseed will return your strength and energy. If you are an athlete, flaxseed will allow a faster recovery of your muscles after exercise.

Flaxseed for hair and skin

Applying a flaxseed mask on our face helps us to make a deep cleansing of it. The consumption of flaxseed and its element cures some skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

If we use flaxseed gel in our hair or add two tablespoons of oil to our shampoos, we can nourish dry and damaged hair.

To combat stress and anxiety

Flaxseed is a natural sedative. Its effects feel a few hours after being ingested. Those who consume flaxseed will feel like the levels of nervous tension.

This ability causes flaxseed to be used as an adjunct to behavioral disease treatments.

For the woman

Flaxseed is rich in phytochemicals. Therefore, an ally of women as it regulates the hormonal cycle. It is also a remedy against coldness and premenstrual syndrome. Flaxseed relieves the symptoms of menopause.

For pregnant women, the consumption of flaxseed is vital. Therefore, it reduces the risks of having an abortion.

For the man

Flaxseed helps to treat premature ejaculation problems. It raises the number of seeds and also cures impotence.

Flaxseed relieves edema

Flaxseed stimulates the function of the kidneys. It helps them expel sodium and water.

How is flaxseed taken?

We can grind the flaxseeds. We can even mix it with lemon to make the well-known flaxseeds with lemon water.


Whole flaxseeds macerate in water overnight. When we get up, we must drink the flaxseed mixing with lemon water. We will notice its benefits throughout the day. We can also mix the seeds with cereals.

In infusion

We can boil the flaxseeds in water for two minutes. We should drink 2-3 cups a day of this infusion. Remember to add two tablespoons of flaxseed per cup of water.



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