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Our friend Steve has a question about a keeper league deal that would send a second-round draft pick to his opponent in a deal for Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy. Lacy would give Steve's 5-1 team a dangerous trio of young running backs in Lacy, Le'Veon Bell and Giovani Bernard.

But, of course, there's a rub in keeper leagues, where Steve has to sacrifice even more draft picks in order to keep the league maximum oftwo players. Lacy and Bernard will both cost second-round picks, their original draft position, while Bell will cost a first-rounder.

If Steve trades for Lacy, he surrenders a second-roundpick. Keeping Bell, Lacy or Bernard would then automatically cost him a first-round pick. Those picks would be in addition to the sixth-rounder it will cost to keep Andrew Luck, which looks like a no-brainer given his early-season play. Trading for Lacy could end up costing Steve first, second and sixth-round picks in next year's draft.

That's a big opportunity cost to pay, even if the addition of Lacy would entrench Steve as a top contender behind Luck, Bernard, Bell, tight end Rob Gronkowski and a trio of productive veteran wide receivers in Steve Smith, Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. Brandin Cooks could be another possible keeper option.

So, the first choice is this: Add Lacy to the mix, get the best possible chance at winning a championship now and worry about next season later. That strategy involves either losing three valuable early-round picks or, possibly, making a value compromise by keeping either Gronkowski or Cooks.

The second choice: Make the deal, but look to recoup draft picks in the offseason. This seems unlikely, given the extreme cost of losing two early draft picks on one player.

And the third choice is: Stand pat and conserve valuable draft picks for next season. That doesn't mean stop trying to make improvements to an already-good roster, just making moves on a smaller scale or maybe using either Bell or Bernard as trade chips to ACQUIRE a pick later in the season.

Steve's roster is in good enough shape now to make acquiring Lacy a frivolous move at a steep cost. He's a step ahead his competition already, in terms of keepers, with Luck in his back pocket, so it's important to protect that advantage and use less expensive means to flesh out his roster.

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